A domain for every blog?

I have a blog at typepad that I want to migrate to my new DreamHost account. I want to start a blog on a different subject. A very newbie question: Do I have to register a domain for each blog, or is there a way to operate separate blogs from the same domain?

You have several options for running more than one blog. I’m not that familiar with Movable Type - the sofware behind typepad.com blogging services, but most (if not all) blogging software will let you run your blog either in a subdomain or in a subfolder of your domain.

For example, you could run blogs like:

If you’re running free blogging software like WordPress, you can either have separate installations of WordPress for each blog or run a single WordPress Mu installation and have “infinitely many” blogs until your server grinds to a halt, everyone here complains until they’re moved off the server, and people start dying! :slight_smile:

Let us know if you think you’re going to continue to use Movable Type or if you’re going to transition to WordPress and we can give you some more detail!

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So in short, you can run multiple blogs while only having to register one domain.

There is something nice about having a blog that is “www.slackersthoughts.com”, though. I use the money I save from hosting at DreamHost for buying extra domain names for my sites. There are also monetization/advertising reasons for having a top level domain, if that’s something that concerns you.

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Also, beside WordPress MU which lensman already mentioned, there is Lyceum - another “multiblog” system based on WordPress.

My initial experience is that Lyceum is easier to install and operate successfully on Dreamhost than WordPRess MU., though YMMV. :wink:


Thanks RL. I’ll have to give it a try! I’m just starting up a multi-user WordPress site and as I think I somehow messed up my original Mu install, I might give Lyceum a try instead. (But don’t take my problem as indicative of something wrong with Mu. It was 3am when I was doing the install so it was probably user error)

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I think it’s more logical to have multiple related sites in subdomains of the same domain, instead of in a profusion of different domains.

– Dan