A DH subdomain?

If I signed up for my own domain is it still possible to have a also DH subdomain without paying additional fees?

I would like to host images for auctions but would prefer that they aren’t affiliated with my hosted domain but rather something like http://username.dreamhost.com/

If the feature doesn’t exist, adding it might give DH more exposure. Of course it should count as one of your FULL hosted domains. If DH owned some “generic” domain names, I think some users might consider purchasing subdomains to keep some content separate from their other domains.


However, we are likely to change this to a different domain soon - something like dreamhosters.com.

As I found out from www.webhostingtalk.com a few days ago, someone has already laid claim to dreamhosted.com.

Domains like “dreamhosters.com” (owned by companies that already own substrings like “dreamhost.com”) are the sort of thing I refer to on my Domain Hall of Shame as “Stupid Unnecessary Domain Names”, because whatever purpose they’re intended for can be accomplished more logically with subdomains of the main domain.

– Dan

AFAIK, the dreamhosters.com domain is supposed to clarify that the subdomains are maintained by customers, not by Dreamhost themselves - which is probably not such a bad idea considering they don’t censor potentially offensive sites :slight_smile:


Thanks Will.

I can currently set up mysubdomain.dreamhost.com from the Web admin panel (where mysubdomain is my account name)?

It looks like you already have mydreamhost.com. How about freedreamhost.com? I admit that I first found out about dreamhost when one of your users was hosting some files on a DH subdomain.

This has a lot to do with recent search engine optimization stuff too (with people setting up subdomains of established domains in order to increase their page ranking… and yes - the obvious potential issues of bad PR.

That, and the dreamhost.com zone is getting pretty big.

It’s going to be dreamhosters.com (already registered).

Note that we won’t likely be forcing people with existing *.dreamhost.com subdomains to change (unless there is obvious abuse).