A couple questions

I have been using Cpanel for my servers for a while with ANHosting, and am now thinking about switching to DH. What is the Admin panel like, is it anything like Cpanel or PLesk?

Another thing, what kind of servers does DH use?

When I was signing up, it asked for a shell username or pass, how come it said it was taken? Is everyone on one network or something? I don’t quite understand how this works. The wiki was a bit confusing also.


They use a custom panel tuned specifically to support the DH environment. You can create a login (as I guess you were trying to do) and see it for yourself before becoming a customer.

Now: Regarding names. DH does use a centralized system and as a result, your favorite name will most likely be used. There are good and bad things about this. The good: It’s unique and they won’t confuse you with the spammer next door. The bad: the name must be unique across DH managed systems.

Given what DH provides, this is a TINY thing to give up. This has nothing to do with the names you can use on your site. This DOES have to do with names that are DH managed (SSH and FTP).


I understand how little of a thing this is, I just wanted to know.

So if I make a another FTP account for my partner, it will have to be unique to ALL the other DH accounts?

Also, what kind of server does DH use?

A user name does not have to be unique across all DreamHost servers, but the namespace is shared across a cluster of machines, so a user name has to be unique on your particular cluster.

All DreamHost servers run Debian Linux.


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the control panel in DH is not that perfect but provides all the service. I do agree that it is very troublesome to have an unique name everywhere. I’ve run up my idea to think about an UNIQUE name every time…

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If you checked the wiki, you can see there an example of the control panel. It may take some time to get used to it, but after that, it’s great :slight_smile:

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I had one more question, is there any phpmyadmin sort of feature, for handling SQL queries and stuff like that?

[quote]is there any phpmyadmin sort of feature,


Yes, exactly like phpmyadmin. :slight_smile:

They hired more support help.
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haha, okay. Thanks guys for all your help

phpMyAdmin is installled and can be accessed by going to the hostname you have set up in the panel, eg mysql.yourdomain.tld. You can also install your own copy of phpMyAdmin if you want.