A couple questions on multiple dbs and home dirs

Hello all! I am new to DreamHost, but have a few years experience with several other hosts. My purpose here is to test out a new host and see about moving our project here… and wow do I have questions!

I seem to only be allowed 1 single solitary database under mysql.domain.com!! This can’t be, what am I missing? I know dreamhost wouldn’t dare ask me to make a seperate subdomain for each database I want to create, but I just don’t see how to add more databases under the same subdomain.

How in the world do I have my main account see all other accounts? In other words when I FTP in with my main account, I can see my domain, and subdomains, but no other user folders.

How do I setup my users to have access to selected subdomains through FTP? My main account has access to all subdomains, even when I setup a new subdomain and select another user. It would appear that the “remap sub-dir” holds the answer, but I need an example to go on, the kbase also tells me that if I do this the folder will not be able to handle php… and a subdomain that cannot handle php is a useless subdomain.

How do I change the home directories for users? I have fileswapping needs that Samba is going to do wonders to help me with, but my main account absolutely has to see the home folder for my fileswapping user account.

Is there any possible way we can get cpanel in here!?

Why can I not have 1 single solitary user account that has permission for FTP AND the db for instance? My team is not small and those that require multiple resource access are several. They will be on the verge of mutiny if I hand them a half dozen unique user accounts all associated with different resources (e.g. fileswapping account, N database accounts, main account, etc.).

I’m still reading about downtimes, is this just a current fad, or do servers regularly go down?

Are there any people out there that can tell me about their experience with the dedicated server option?

Well that’s a good start! I will continue reading the forum (by the way… any chance of upgrading this forum to phpbb? I’m really missing some features here!).

An advanced thank you to all!


A lot of “no” type answers here for you. Sorry. A bit tired, but I can try to elaborate on some of these if you have specific questions. A lot of these are answered in more detail in older threads, so you might want to have a quick look through the “archives”.

Actually, we do. This fact (and the reasons for it) are discussed in the archives of this very forum. Basically, we need to have the maximum flexibility to move databases around, and having separate database hostnames for each database gives us this flexibility.

In most cases, you can simply use different tables within the same database… otherwise you’ll have to create a separate database with its own hostname.

Short answer is, you can’t. We did provide some functionality of this sort (allowing “nested” home directories) at one point, but we have since removed it.

Again, this is discussed a lot in the archives.

Only way would be to setup an unmanaged dedicated machine and install it yourself. Any other type of management software would likely conflict with our own and cause all sorts of problems.


And if you could point me to where in the archives the original string on changing a home directory is that would be great. It seems there are a lot of references to look in the archives, but I simply don’t have the time.

Have you ever thought of developing a FAQ?



From a quick search, these seem helpful (note - some information, such as that about nested home dirs, may be out of date).


You only get one database, but it can have a lot of tables. I am running several sites from one db, even one that is not hosted by DH. What was the other question?