A couple of questions

  1. Perhaps those of you more familiar with DH can help me out.

I find the portal interface a little confusing. What I am trying to do at the moment is setup email addresses for people on my domain. But I can’t wrap my head around these mailboxes…

What I had before I moved to DH was that each user had an email address, like johndoe@mydomain.com. And if John Doe wanted to check his email on the web, he’d type in the webmail url and then give johndoe@mydomain.com as his username and then his pw, and he’d get in.

However with DH it seems that I cannot have my users log in with their email address; instead, John Doe has to log in with a username to the nature of j3883284746 or something. Is he going to remember this? God knows I wouldn’t.

Is there any way I can configure my users mailbox logon IDs so they can remember them, as opposed to be a bunch of randomly generated numbers?

  1. How do I turn indexing off by default? If a directory doesn’t have an index file, its contents shouldn’t be viewable. This is a matter of privacy and security. Do I need to go to every single directory and set up .htaccess files individually?

Thanks a bundle, and have yourself a great day.

  1. the m1234578 log in only applies when using a E-mail client on your computer. When logging into webmail you simply type the E-mail address and password.

So the only time you need to have that long annoying login when setting up the E-mail client for the first time.

  1. Yes, Htaccess is the way to go for this. a htaccess file will be applied to every directory underneath it though. So if you place an .htaccess file in your main web-accessable directory, it will be applied to all sub-directores there.

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You can also try to setup a user account (ftp or shell) and then a new email address could use that as a mailbox login if you select it. But the username is not necessarily available when you setup an account because you’re on a shared server.