A couple of needfull things


Please, confirm if I’ll have these possibilities using your Shared hosting:

  • I need to execute my own compiled (binary) CGI scripts. If there is such possibility (I will compile the application myself), please, what operating system (name, version, 32 or 64bit) is installed on shared hosting services? Will I have an access to make/gmake and C compiler?

  • I need to use sendmail program which will be called directly from the binary application, is the path for it some kind of /usr/sbin/sendmail or the path is different?

  • I need to set up a cron task to execute a program every 10 minutes, is this interval possible?

Thank you for your answers.

Still no reply…

This is generally a user forum, so as a user, I’ll give this a shot:

  1. CGI scripts. I don’t do this, but my wild guess is that you can. I don’t see it being much different than other scripts/apps that get run on an account. You get shell access with /usr/bin/make, but I’m not finding gmake, though I do see /user/bin/gcc. I can’t find server specs (they used to be somewhat easy to find), but they’re Intel-like (model name : AMD Opteron™ Processor 4310 EE). I thought they were running Debian.

  2. You have access to /usr/sbin/sendmail which works pretty well for lightweight tasks. I believe it’s throttled.

  3. Cron is fully configurable, including running every 10 minutes, within reason.

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