A couple dreamhost sites for you to browse


before you make the purchase… browse through these sites first and see the speed… they’re my sites… and i’ll let you be the judge of the speed… for me… it’s often quite slow…



Yikes! Those sites are pretty slow. Do you mind divulging which server you’re on?

I just signed up with Dreamhost a few days ago and have been uploading my site to their servers. It’s taking a while since my entire site is near 10GB and I’m uploading from my home Mac/DSL line which has an upload cap of 300Kbps or so.

I’m on the Milliken server and if my speeds are not significantly faster than these example sites, I’m afraid I’ll have to invoke my money-back guarantee. :frowning:


Have you asked support about speed problem, since if you would like this fixed that is the best place to start?

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Both those sites are loading fine for me here in Europe.

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well even if you just go to article pages w/o video… it’ll run slow… there are no tracking in admin and it runs slow as well… i’ve contacted dreamhost about the speed issue before… at least… 5 times… but it always go back to going slow again… look at my past posts… i’ve complained quite a bit… but the service remains quite unsatisfactory…


That’s not very encouraging. What was Dreamhost’s response when you complained? Did they put you on a different server?


no they didn’t… continues to be slow for months… sometimes it’s ok speed… but usually at night… most of the time… it’s so slow that no user can bear browsing through the site…


i’m on olympic server btw

when i complain… they would check it and they’d usually say it’s running ok… right… so it must be me… they’re obviously not listening to their customers… when i complained some more… they said my server is one of the fastest one… obviously that is a very subjective answer… fastest out of a bunch of slow server still means slow…


[quote]i’m on olympic server btw

they said my server is one of the fastest one… obviously that is a very subjective answer… fastest out of a bunch of slow server still means slow…



Olympic looks top quartile. There is a p3 600 and couple dual 850s, but most look fast.

Try host tracker on a few of your pages, and compare with a site you consider fast. Get some statistics.


pretty fast right here right now, esp considerin they’re both joomla based, and as was mentioned, 3 videos on the fornt page??!!

MySQL has been documented well slow lately, and I’ve never seen a joomla site that didn’t have db related slowness now and then on dremahost lately.



Your sites are loaidng up fast for me right now. I went and followed a few links, there was a short delay initally while the page was being generated, but then text and images came down fast.



As far as the page and images, it loaded fairly fast. The only drawback in speed for me was the videos since I’m on dial-up. You might consider making an optional page for them, if they aren’t needed too badly.

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3 videos on the front page shouldn’t be the issue… it doesn’t download until you press play… also, if you browse to other pages w/o video, it’s still slow, check out the oscommerce shop… still slow… i don’t know what time u guys are checking the server at… or where from… but my sites are consistently slow everywhere i go… from school… from work… from friends house… my home… it is ABSOLUTELY SLOW… there is NO QUESTION about it… you guys must work for dreamhost or have low standards… or maybe very lucky… i know for certain it is slow… guys with dreamhost affiliate links i don’t trust… and guys with consistent promotion to DH like “mattail” i cannot take your word… i looked at your past posts… always promoting DH in one way or another…

and yes, the MYSQL has been documented to be slow… so that proves the guys saying it’s fast… is well… i don’t know what to say really lol…


The first site was definately slow loading for my tastes. Between the Joomla template and the three Windows Media boxes it took a while to render.

The second site, seemed to load fine.

All this is, however, somewhat relative. SO much depends on the visitors connection - number of hops, latency, etc.

If you really want a good read as to how long it is taking, why don’t you google around a bit for the code to embed the page creation yime in PHP in the bottom of your template footer - there are several Joomla/M*mbo templates that do this, I just can’t seem to put my hands on the code right now.

At least that way you will know how long it is taking MySQL to provide the page contents, and that might help you get a better metric.



I neither work for DH or have low standards so I sincerely hope you’e not talking to me. In fact I’m trying to help you determine what the problem is, as are the others, if you’ll listen and apply, not just listen for what you want to hear. It’s not nice to call people liars that are doing you the favor of testing and reporting back to you! Be suspicious if you like but keep it to yourself and you might get more input in the future. I certainly didn’t lie and I doubt very seriously that mattail did either, 3 hours later. So you’ve determined that your problem is intermittent for starters.

I just checked your site as soon as the email came to me that there had been a reply to my post, and indeed SLOWer than molasses (the first site you posted, the second came down instantly and fully). Took a few secs (2 maybe 3) to serve me anything beyond the white page (something I’ve come to expect from joomal powered sites) then boom! fast, everything but the images came down, the images came down all at once about 3 minutes later. Not acceptable I’d agree!

Now you’ve got to try and figure out what the cause of that is…

I saved the html source of your front page and viewed it from my desktop and web server after changing the file paths to get the assets from your domain and the same thing happened on each.

So you need to determine why your images are coming so slowly, on occassion and fix that. What you’re doing however is just complaining apparently.

If you go to support with detailed determinations of what the problem(s) is/are, and keep a cool head, read responses carefully, wait at least 30 minutes for things to sink in before you respond, all that kinda stuff (basically keep cool and stay determined and nice)… you’ll get to the bottom of the problem and solve it.

Dreamhost are pretty good about fixing such things tho their support can be a little trying depending on who you talk to for the last 6 months or so. Hopefully tho they’re getting a handle on the power, router, dns and MySQL problems they’ve been having so that they can indeed get back to fixing stuff like this.

Good luck



Oh. I see now…

You really don’t want help, only confirmation of your complaints about the speed of the server without evaluating:

  1. The efficiency of your MySQL queries
  2. Possible issues with your images
  3. Whether or not all visitors are experiencing the unacceptable delays you are experiencing.

I’m sorry. I misunderstood your question. Just disreguard my response that you might want to introduce some metrics to your page to help you evaluate MySQL server response to see if it is all the server or if there might be other issues.

Good luck.



[quote]and guys with consistent promotion to DH like “mattail” i cannot take your word… i looked at your past posts… always promoting DH in one way or another…


The truth comes into focus: “Matttail” is really Michael, one of the Honchos. With all “Matttail’s” typos, you know he helped write the Panel and one-click installs. :slight_smile:


Wow! Talk about alienating just about everyone who is trying to help you out.

I am sure there are a few people who you haven’t yet accused of dishonesty, but I am sure you’ll fix that up in your next post. :slight_smile:

As for your sites, well I could tell you how they appeared to me speedwise, but I doubt you’d listen, so why bother?

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excellent, i don’t want to hear from anyone that’s affiliated to dreamhost… how about i listen to bbb.org


an F!! HAHA jesus christ… i’ve made a mistake…


BBB seems to have an outdated address (and, I think, an outdated company name too – I don’t think they use “New Dream Network, LLC” any more), which might explain why they have no response to whatever complaints they have on file. Still, Dreamhost should get in touch with them to clear the issue up.

– Dan