A country is not listed in Google Checkout?


I recommended the service to a friend. We live in Bulgaria, and some time ago I payed using my VISA card without a problem.

Now the only option is PAY USING GOOGLE checkout. Problem is, Bulgaria is NOT LISTED in the Google list! So, how we make a payment now?.. :-(((((

Any ideas?

Why it was possible before to pay via Credit Card from my country and now - not?..


That’s a good question, though I think that the only ones who can answer it are DH employees. I suggest you send that same message to tech support, and get an authoritative answer.


you can pay by credit card and sending a fax :

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It has been discussed before but there is no solution. We have no idea why DH removed paypal option. What we can guess is that they are very careful with credit card fraud.

I agree with rlparker. Send a ticket to DH and explain your situation. I think they will be glad to assist you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will not suggest to fax UNLESS DH askes you to do so.

The credit card payment option is also removed from DH website for some reasons.

I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to DH first and follow DH’s suggestions to manage your payment.

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Sending a fax is not appropriate in this case. You can send a money order in US Dollars which is also an option from the payment page. Hope that helps!

Nope, nothing helps:(

I wrote to Dreamhost, they replied… Nothing can be done.

Btw, someone mentioned PayPal? It doesn’t matter, PayPal DOES NOT have Bulgaria listed as well:(

So, actually, I cannot recommend to anyone Dreamhost, because people can’t pay with their credit cards:( A whole country is like “blacklisted” with no reason at all.

Paying via check/money order is more expensive and so it’s not an option:(


Thx for your answers…

I don’t understand how paying my check or money order is that much more expensive. You should be paying the same amount, plus postage and maybe a small fee for the check or money order.


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It’s not that more expensive, but it is different in a couple of significant ways:

  1. You have to be able to either have cold, hard cash to buy the money order, or actually have real money in the bank for the check, as they won’t “turn your account on” until a check clears.

  2. It doesn’t have much potential for fraud, and the difficulties of trying to collect from someone in a foreign country (that could quickly and easily end up costing more to accomplish than the amount of money involved).

All this makes it kinda difficult to “sign-up” and have an account “active” for a period of time until it becomes obvious that they can’t collect and shut you down…which is just long enough for a phisher, spammer, etc. to “hit and run”. Granted it makes it hard on those who would never do such a thing, but I understand DH’s concern in such a situation.


I understand DH concerns, but on the other hand, I don’t see why I shoud be “banned” from the option to pay via my legitemate VISA card, because I live in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is in Europe, it is member of the European Union, we have credit cards here as anyone else in the world has, and we use them safely, both in our country and for payments outside of it. This is not North Korea or something like that, you see:)

So I was able to sign up for DH account something like a couple of months ago, with my VISA, no problems.

Now I recommended it to friend, but he’s unwilling so much to pay via money order…

Oh well, it doesn’t matter…

Just pity… Can’t change that…

PS Someone know, just in case, if someone pays via check/money order, and if you referred him, do you still get 10%?.. :wink:

This is confusing me now. At first, I think it will be banned only when a credit card fraud is triggered in the religion. But I’ve seen some people from UK who have the same problem. I think only DH is able to answer the questions.

DH has been too careful with credit card fraud.

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I imagine it would be no different to any other form of payment in this regard. If they list you as the referrer during the sign-up process, or use one of your promo-codes, you will be credited with the relevant rewards payment. Of-course, to be 100% sure, it is best to ask the question of DreamHost.


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I understand, and I can imagine how frustrating it must be. And I did point out that such a situation seems very unfair for the majority of potential customers who just want to make a legitimate payment; I did not mean to disparage Bulgaria, or Bulgarians in any way.

I suspect if your friend does manage to get an account set up, that you would still qualify for whatever reward system you were enrolled in, though only DH can answer that authoritatively.


Thx for all the answers:)))

You’re all are great at helping! :slight_smile:

We’ll try to manage somehow:)

nathan, you should purchase our credit card processor! then you could loosen the restrictions on us and make everyone happy!

We do not block Bulgaria specifically. The fraud algorithm is much more complicated then you are assuming. I will allow you to send in the fax form with a rub of your credit card. Follow the instructions from above.

Hey, Michael!

Does this mean that after the sign up, people can log in into the account, go to BILLING -> MAKE PAYMENT and from there pay with a credit card (and select Bulgaria) without clicking the PayPal/GoogleCheckout links presented after the filling of the form, when selecting a plan?..

Do I get it right? (And after that, a fax can be sent?)…

No, just fax in the fax form and also fax a copy of this page with it. Someone will have to do it all manually just for you. :wink:

I think people won’t mind to fax the form. At least they have an option now.

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Copy of this page? (this forum page?:slight_smile: Together with the fax of the credit card? Or, rather, fax the filled form when selecting a plan, plus the credit card fax?

We don’t mind sending such a fax, but after that, we’ll be able to pay without passing through GoogleCheckout?.. Right?..

Oh, blessed, simple times, when I signed up and simply paid with my VISA (and sent a fax) :-DDD