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hi all,

im offering free web hosting over at my site…the problem is that i need a free web hosting control panel for those users which will get the free hosting so they can manage their databases, emails , ftps. etc etc. anyway the point is that i can’t really find a control panel which i understand anything from it in installing.

so i was asking if there’s anyone here who have done this before which can help :smiley:

thanks in advance.


DreamHost doesn’t offer the well-known cPanel setup, so you can’t fully act as a reseller, nor would you really want to, since you’re held accountable for the actions of your users. However, you can assign them account privileges for certain aspects of their domain:



cPanel is expensive in the first place…so i won’t even try to think about it, even though its very useful in this type of stuff, about the holding respoinsibilities of the users are taken on my i don’t really mind, i have practically about 20 people which are just waiting for them to build their websites and they will watch them like a hawk 24/7 , practually people which have nothing in life except to sit on a computer screen waiting for a user to not follow the rules, so actions of my users i am not worring about much.

its just the fact that i found a couple of web panels but they are very hard to install (for me at least) as i have no debian linux experience or commands and all that craps. Thats really what i need the help in, if i am allowed to post links here (dunno if i am or not) i will be able to show you what im talking about.


Go ahead and post which panels you’re looking at. I think someone in the past asked about installing a panel, but I’d have to try a Search to find it. I think it was unresolved.




Well the first one which i was interested in installing was

its pretty effective as a panel , its got an installation guide but i practually don’t understand 1 word from the whole guide.

the second was a more simpler panel
this is suppost to based on PHP, but i don’t know if the installation is based on PHP, its suppost to be the least effective control panel i saw from the screenshots at least, its design is horrible too, but sometimes we have to take whats available :slight_smile:


For all the free panels I know that works in Debian you need root access… I dunno, but on shared hosting you don’t get that, so can’t install, and even reading the http://dreamhostps.com page I find there is no root access, so you’re out off luck triying to install control panels (well even payed panels need root access as all of them modify system binaries and configuration files).

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ouch…there must be a way … :stuck_out_tongue: … omg don’t put my hopes down :smiley: , lets wait maybe others have tried this before and found another solution or something…

thank you for the reply though :smiley:


If you only have about 20 users, you could always set up their domains yourself in your control panel, using a unique user for each, and set up their email address(es) for them.

From that point you could give the their own FTP credentials or install a file manager for them (or they could use DH’s provided webFTP>

Not elegant, but doable. :wink:

Edited - never mind - you want them to have databases and to have them be able to set up their own FTP accounts and mailboxes. - I don;t know of a “control panel” (free or otherwise) that you can install on DreamHost to do this. :frowning:



actually i have a question…can you limit the number of database a subdomain can use via PhpmyAdmin…i mean can you limit the number of databases of that subdomain if its user uses phpmyadmin to create, edit and delete database.


Thank you for the replys


I’ve never seen a quota for the number of databases. Technically, it’s unlimited, up until it fills the disk quota. You don’t have to give your users full privileges, just create a database and db user for them and let them be.



Since this is posted in “Curious about Dreamhost”, I thought I’d chime in to recommend that people considering using Dreamhost for this kind of reseller hosting choose a different host. By "this kind of reseller hosting, I mean setting up accounts under your account and allowing people extensive control over content. I don’t mean allowing your customers to control content on their websites and I don’t mean allowing your bulletin board users to post messages. :slight_smile:

If one does a search on these forums, one will find numerous sad/mad people posting about how their accounts were shut down because “someone” for whom they had set up a subaccount violated the ToS and as a result Dreamhost shut down the account (as per their ToS). Unfortunately, a lot of these folks had neglected to take backups of their content and were hand-wringing about being able to get access to their accounts to get their content out.

I can’t say whether these people were legitimately screwed over by their “friends” or whether they have an imaginary friend, but the lesson stands, I think.

(BTW, I did think a bit about whether it would be good or bad to force part of this topic into this direction, but I felt it would help make it relevant to the intent of the “Curious About Dreamhost” board.)

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welll…first thank you everyone for the reply…

about the rules…just to make them clear for me…because i read several links concerning rules and i just didn’t understand anything…

  1. Adult Sites Allowed or not?
  2. Child Porn is not allowed(this i know already from posts on forum)
  3. Warez and cracks and keygens etc are not allowed also.

what else is not allowed?


DH provides a good explanation at http://abuse.dreamhost.com . On those pages, DH explains seven different categories of behavior which will get your account terminated.

Adult sites are permitted, as long as you don’t break any of the other rules.



Thank you Very much :slight_smile: