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Good Morning/Evening All

I am a leader of a newly made clan, our clan was hosted before on a free hosted server/free webspace…they aren’t that bad…but i think that it is time to become professionals and get a read website :slight_smile: , Anyway… i have been a fan of dream host since like 5 years and i always wanted to get a host over here … Anyway i had a couple of questions please.

I have read a couple of posts about the people complaining about the hosting etc…and the 15,000 member post…lol…it was nice :smiley: anyway not the point … sorry

I was woundering is there any File Size Limit for the files i will upload?..because we will have game patches up to 200 MB on the server for the games the clan will play with mods also up to 150-250 MB ,

On the other hand our website will get from 50 to 100 visits per day and a forum of about the same number of visits as the homepage/mainpage it self. i was woundering if the server would handle such a site which will practically be full with stuff like members lists, server views , and lots of others.

Also i have read about dynamic websites and other stuff i would like please someone explain to me what dynamic websites and the other types are and what are the differences between then.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.



Default file size limit is 7 megs, but can be changed by following these instructions:
Use the “For PHP5” settings. No need for the “More general script with options” part.

Your hitcount isn’t that much of a challenge, unless the forum you use is really inefficient. Dynamic pages are pages that aren’t pure HTML (.htm or .html). They typically use PHP (.php) to make calls to databases and such. Dynamic sites are slower (depending on complexity) because they require processing to generate the page before it’s sent to the user’s browser.



Thank you for the fast replay.

When i change the file size limit can i lift it up to about 200 MB? or is there a kind of limit in it too…

Also the website isn’t much that evey…the only thing that will use the database connection much will be the forum…where im going to use PHPBB3 and as a CMS im going to use WebSpell … i dunno if i am allowed to say software namess…so forgive me if i am not…
Also thank you for explaining me the difference between dynamic pages and the others…

Also i had a tiny question…whats the advantages of the unique ip?


I haven’t tried a file as large as 200 megs. Hopefully someone can jump in and answer that. I’ve only gone up to 70 or so. I know others have gone bigger than 200 megs, but I don’t know how easy that was.

PHPBB3 is fine, though a little slow under heavy use. Most CMS packages are OK, but do put a little load on the server. Again, well-written software works very well here. Best bet is to give it a try. The site usage numbers you posted are normally well within the load capacity here.

You’ll need a Unique IP address if you want to allow Anonymous FTP access and/or HTTPS (secure connection). Most people don’t need it.



I’ve hosted files as big as a little over 1GB - the demo version of Supreme Commander.

There are a couple of different things you can do to enable user upload of files bigger than 7MB - your own PHP5, the php.ini hack, and rlparker’s favorite, Uber-Uploader. Remember that if all you’re looking to do is to personally upload a few things for your members to download, you can always do so with either regular FTP or SFTP since you’re the webmaster of the site. That’s how I uploaded the game demo above.

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Hosting the large files wasn’t my concern; it’s how to upload it via the web. I don’t know how robust it is to upload gigantic files over PHP. I haven’t the patience to try. Like you, I SFTP them up myself, but that’s not an option for users on a site.



Hi Scott,

I was really only trying to address the concerns of the OP, who said:

It seemed like he was mostly speaking about game patches and mods that he would upload himself for his clan to use.

User-contributed content would, of course, be more easily served through either modifying the PHP upload limit in the ways you described or by using a Perl upload script.

BTW, I seem to recall that even when using the modified php.ini via either of the two methods on the wiki, you end up running up against some kind of memory limit when using a PHP uploader.

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Files in excess of 200mb are no problem. The first problematic filesize you will run into is at > 2gb (Apache on DH will not serve any files larger than 2gb, and indeed not even display them in directory listings); this is a limitation of apache though, the filesystem can handle larger files than that. I’ve had files in excess of 5gb on the DH filesystem without problems (and you can even create files several dozen terabytes in size if you use sparse files :wink:

As others noted, the upload limit in PHP-based uploaders is a lot lower than that (and for good reason – PHP wants to store the file in memory first before it even gets to the disk; a 200mb file would eat 200mb of memory while uploading – that is just unacceptable). It is, however, no problem to upload large files via SCP, SFTP, FTP, rsync, or fetch them on the shell with wget, ftp, etc.

Dynamic websites are websites that require server side processing beyond “just serving a file”. Anything that is PHP is dynamic, for instance, since the server has to execute the PHP code to dish out content to the viewer. The opposite, a static site, is a site that only uses static files (i.e. simple .html files with links to images, files, etc.). A forum is dynamic, a directory full of game patches is not.
DH can handle either with grace, so long as your dynamic content is not coded shoddily and you do not expect huge numbers of visitors.



I thank everyone that have replayed and took the time to post his replay , Thank you :slight_smile:

I have actually bought the server already and i uploaded the files etc etc but i still didn’t upload the 200mb files or the largers ones but yes i think that i will upload them via FTP.

Thank you Again :slight_smile: