A buffet of basic newbie questions

Hi there - I’m new to DH and loving it so far! However being used to cpanel/whm I am struggling with the change over. Below are some questions which if someone could help with it would be much appreciated. I have looked at the wiki but for some reason I cant get the answers I need:

As a bit of context I am hoping to host 5 x Joomla sites on separate domains.

  1. Do I create separate databases for each Joomla installation or do I separate them by unique table-prefixes?

  2. What exactly is a mysql hostname? I presume I should have a dedicated one for each domain?

  3. What is “first_user”. Should I have one generic “first_user” that covers all my sites?

  4. With email what is a mailbox login? Is this the username that I use?

  5. What is a mailbox “name”? Is that purely for reference?

  6. Final question - what is the official easiest way to convert an existing joomla site from cpanel/other host to dreamhost? Is it a case of ftp down then up all files. Creating backup of mysql db and recreating on dh?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give…

The choice is yours, you are not restricted to a single database, so if it easier for you manage the sites with each using its own database, you can do so.

It will be whatever you make it, you get to set the hostname when creating the database. You can create a hostname for each site if you wish, or just re-use the hostname across each site.

Are you referring to username for a database, username for the Joomla control panel, or the unix user under which domains/ftp/shell run?

The mailbox login is what you use to connect to POP or IMAP, being in the format of user@domainname.tld.

This is just used as a reference, you can place the name of the person who owns the mailbox to help with management in the future.

I can’t help with this one too much as I’ve never moved a Joomla site before, but I have no doubt there would be many guides on the net that explain how to do this.

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Welcome to Dreamhost! You have mixed a lot of different subjects into this post, and it is generally easier for others to search for, and benefit from, the answers if you make separate posts. :wink: That said:

That is entirely up to you, and you should do it whichever way you will find easier to manage.

Some of the things you might consider include how any existing databases are set-up on another host (do prefixes separate multiple instances of Joomla! there, and if not, will you have to diddle with the existing table names to sort all that?), will you want to keep the databases separate for different users?, etc.

It is the “name” (url) used to “host” the database and, again, whether you created a hostname for each domain, or subdomain, or even each instance of Joomla! is up to you - they are all simply an alias for the same host in the DH setup anyway, but if you are segregating users/data, etc, you might want to create a new hostname (alias) for each instance, as these values will show n the DH Admin panel, and you probably don’t want to confuse the issue. Ether way, however, will work.

That is the “db user” (“first” meaning “first one created”) for the database being created, and once again, how you decide to manage DB users is entirely up to you. Many feel that having multiple users provides greater security should a site “break” and somehow expose the db user; YMMV and you should set it up in whatever way is convenient for you. It is also related to how you decide to implement your Question#1 above - if you use the same user for all, that user will be able to see all the databases on the host - and this may, or may not be, what you desire.

Yes. On Dreamhost, the email address also works for logging in to mail.


6. Final question - what is the official easiest way to convert an existing joomla site from cpanel/other host to dreamhost? Is it a case of ftp down then up all files. Creating backup of mysql db and recreating on dh?[/quote]
That depends on several things, not the least of which is your expertise! :wink: Another is what versions of PHP, MySQL, and Joomla! itself are in use at the other host. Sometimes it is easier to just create a new “one-click” installation of Joomla! on DH, install your templates and components, and load it with the data dumped from the other site. Other times it might make more sense to do it as you described (particularly if the other host sites are “older” Joomla! versions. You may not have any choice in the matter if the MySQL versions/data are different, and may have to do it all manually. The particulars are important here!

Hopefully, some of that is helpful. If you have additional questions, or want further discussion on any of this please create a new thread, in the appropriate forum (programming? Third Party Applications? etc.) to continue the discussion so it doesn’t all end up “lost” to others in this “everything at once thread” (at least maybe separating the Joomla/DB related stuff into their own threads). :wink:


Thanks so much for that - really helpful. So I will create a separate db and hostname for each domain…

With “first_user” I was referring to databases - again whether this should be one that covers all - or a domain-specific one.

Thanks again

thanks everyone. Quick and helpful responses. I will wander off, to some tinkering, some reading and then if needed come back with separate posts in the right area :wink:

Cheers again

Sorry about the “dupe” answers - I wasn’t trying to correct or add anything to your post (which was great!) I just got distracted while composing mine and missed your response.

Please forgive the “what he said” reply! I really do need to keep another window open and check for that situation before I post. :slight_smile:


No problem, the more info for vilbs the better I say, I just hope I got most of the info correct, and if something needs correcting it is better that it is corrected, rather than letting the person bang their head against a wall for an hour. :slight_smile:

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I also create a new shell/FTP user for each domain I create. I just like to keep things more isolated and tidy. Since you’re allowed 75 users, this works out well for me.


Regarding migration, I always find it helpful to upgrade the old site in-place to match the version that the new site is going to be. This eliminates changing two things at the same time and also usually ensures that I’m migrating to an up-to-date version that more people have experience with.

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You can do both ways.

Definitely not “localhost” as it is not supported. You create your hostname first (by default is mysql.yourdomain.com) in web panel (Goodies=>Manage MySQL).

You can create it when you first create your database. And can use it across your databases. But you also can create database-specific users, i.e. different user for each database.

Apparently it’s the email address/account ? :wink:

From what I perceive, it is account that is recognized by mail/linux server.

First, backup all your joomla folder (you can use tar) from SSH or your web ftp manager. Backup your mysql database also.

After that restore your current Dreamhost’s MySQL database. Then upload your backup Joomla folder into your hosted domain. Edit your configuration.php file to your current hosting environment (example : $mosConfig_absolute_path, $mosConfig_cachepath, $mosConfig_db etc). I think that’s enough.

Oh… not yet, you have to configure your related components as some of them has their own configuration file (example: DocMan).

Hope it helps.

NB : I suppose you use Joomla 1.2.x


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That is a really good point;I agree with you and usually follow that practice myself.

The notable exception being that I may not always have compatible resources on the “losing” host(PHP version/config or MySQL version, etc.), so there are time when it is not quite as easy to do as “upgrade in place” and then move. :wink:


Very true, sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Good helpful refinement to the helpful additional hint! :slight_smile:

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