99.66% uptime is not acceptable

Does anybody use DH in tandem with another host, and a DNS failover to serve from the second host if the first is down?

I just heard about “failover” services and wonder if that would work with my DH VPS site, if I add another VPS at a different host.


While it’s possible on any host, you need to be aware from the outset that complete failover is a large undertaking and set up requires more than obtaining an extra VPS at an alternate location.

Thanks, sXi. I just started researching it and got that sense, it’s not an easy solution to set up.

Is 99.66% typical for a webhost? I think the initial DH 100% uptime guarantee threw me off, turns out that is unrealistic, downtime happens for all webhosts. But gosh if I could pay 10x my monthly webhost bill for 99.9% uptime, it would be worth it… Does that exist? None of the companies seem to publish uptime statistics, so I feel a bit in the dark as to how a small business like me can improve uptime.

Thanks for any advice!

Guaranteeing 100% of anything is a gamble, and that’s especially so when dealing with networks (even failover systems can fail if multiple things go wrong simultaneously). Hosts want to give us 100% uptime, and that is every host’s goal, but sometimes things go wrong that are beyond a single entity’s control. The “100%” we all see advertised by hosting companies is unattainable and, unfortunately, just marketing fiction.

99.9% exists, it’s more expensive, but probably not “10x” as expensive for regular websites.