$97 Promo Code


I have a couple of questions about Promo Codes. Can I still make $97 off promo codes? If so, how? I only see $50 off option when I try to create a promo code.

Another thing I’m curious about and this one is a little tricky. If I offer perks like free lifetime domains, can those be used on existing domains that will just be re-registered or renewed (so to speak)? If they can be used, since this is technically just domain registration, can it be used in other hosts or by other users?


No, you can’t. The maximum “dollars off” promo code was changed to $50.00 a while back. :wink:

Yes. They are managed by way of account “credits” for registrations of domains with DreamHost as the registrar. Obviously, any domains to be registered using the credits will need to be registered at, renewed at, or transferred to DreamHost (as they are not offering to pay for registrations at other registrars). Note that this, by necessity, is only applicable for TLDs DreamHost registers.

I have no idea what you mean by this question. “Hosts” and “users” don’t have much meaning in the sense of registration. Any “users” on the account granted the promo benefits will be able to use them (if they are granted those privileges in the Control Panel by the account owner). Once registered, the domains can be “hosted” anywhere you can want presuming you point the DNS to the other host.



Ah too bad about that. Thanks so much for the quick reply :slight_smile:

As for the domains, what I mean is if lifetime domains are got by way of the DH promo code, can those be hosted in sites other than DH if one should choose to move? Or is there a kind of tie that prevents lifetime domains provided by DH to be hosted anywhere other than DH?

To put it simply, if one got a lifetime domain and chose to move away from DH and get hosted elsewhere, can they bring the lifetime domain with them?


I’m just as confused as rlparker, so if it’s possible for you to restate what you think people might do, that would help a lot.

Someone who uses one of your codes and gets extra domain registrations would be able to host those domains here at Dreamhost or at any other web host. The person using the code would, of course, have to purchase a hosting account in order to use the promo code and also to get the free registrations.

One thing I don’t know is whether one can register a domain under one account at Dreamhost and host it under another, different, account at Dreamhost.

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I think you answered my question when you said “Someone who uses one of your codes and gets extra domain registrations would be able to host those domains here at Dreamhost or at any other web host.”

I’m just wondering if it was really lifetime since that’s a pretty good deal. I mean we don’t have to renew a domain if that were the case. Sounded too good to be true so I wanted to know if there were restrictions as to where this lifetime domain can be hosted.

Here’s the scenario I had in mind.

  1. Jack uses my promo code to buy a DH plan for a year.
  2. Promo code gets him $50 off and 2 lifetime domains.

Can Jack:
a. Decide not to stay with DH after 1 year and still have the 2 lifetime domains and host them not in DH?
b. Give one or both of the lifetime domains away to someone else as gifts while he is still hosted on DH? Let’s assume he already has domains and doesn’t want more OR doesn’t want to renew his existing domains to become lifetime (he might change his mind about his domain names later).
c. If b is possible, can the lifetime domain gift be hosted in an existing DH account that is not Jack’s? (Which Lensman also wondered)
d. Can the lifetime domain gift be hosted somewhere other than DH? (I think Lensman already answered this as yes)

Bottom line: Can Jack take the lifetime domains and run?


Sorry that this topic has become more about lifetime domains. I just wanna make sure if the offer is worth it.

I’ve been looking over the current DH hosting options and I see this “all our plans include one FREE domain registration for the life of the hosting.”

This leads me to believe “lifetime” domains are only free for the lifetime of the hosting plan purchased. So if a 1 yr plan was purchased, the domain is free for 1 yr? If a 3 yr plan was purchased, the domain is free for 3 yrs? Can anyone confirm or deny this?


No, you have to maintain a hosting account in order to keep getting the domain registration/renewal credits.

BTW, what I meant when I said that you can host the domain anywhere was that you don’t have to keep all the domains that you register hosted here, you can have some hosted here and some hosted elsewhere.

What are [color=#CC0000]50DISK50[/color], [color=#CC0000]3DOM50[/color], and [color=#CC0000]1IP1DOM50[/color]?
They’re Dreamhost coupons!


That’s close, but not exactly correct either. If you keep renewing your account, you continue to get the free domain(s).

What are [color=#CC0000]50DISK50[/color], [color=#CC0000]3DOM50[/color], and [color=#CC0000]1IP1DOM50[/color]?
They’re Dreamhost coupons!


I see. Now that definitely makes more sense. Is this a new thing? Coz I don’t remember “lifetime” being mentioned when I signed up. Just free domain registration, and then I had to pay for the succeeding year.

Ok, say I have mydomain1.net on my current DH account. And Jack registers (renews) mydomain1.net as a lifetime domain on his new DH account with my promo code. Am I allowed to keep hosting this on my current DH account? Or will it have to be hosted on Jack’s DH account? I understand that the lifetime of my free domain depends on the lifetime of Jack’s DH account (so as long as he renews his plan every year, my domain remains free every year). But can I host it on my DH account?

Or should I ask Support about this? :slight_smile:


Lifetime is the lifetime of the hosting account… not your lifetime. You’re not going to find a host that will give you free stuff for using their competitors.

You also can’t move a domain between two Dreamhost accounts that have used promo codes or referrals, regardless of where they’re registered, so host the domain on the Dreamhost account you want it to stay on.

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