$97 PROMO Code question

So I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile now. But haven’t been able to figure out the motivation as of yet.

What is the advantage of promoting promo codes that give the entire 97 dollars away? Does the person giving the promo code get anything in return for that?

There has to be some reason why they are pushing a $97 promo code … so what is it?

Please help enlighten my mind.
Thanks Much :slight_smile:


If someone refer someone else you can get a second-level referral.

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Ahhhhh, now it’s beginning to make sense.

Thank you moua for letting me know. Now I don’t feel so bad about the $97 promo code I used when I signed up.

I honestly didn’t know anything about the promo code person getting any money when I signed up - I just thought it was DH’s codes.

Then after I learned some more about DH I felt bad that my promo code person didn’t get anything from me. But now I don’t feel as bad.

Thanks Moua
You’ve helped me feel not so bad about myself :slight_smile:

Basically it is secondary referrals however if someone signs up for a monthly plan where the discount is less than $97 (monthly L1 is $50 discount) then you should get the remainder for that.

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Besides what everyone has mentioned, the person who referred me is a colleague at work, so every one of my direct referrals is a secondary referral for him. He now owes me several beers, according to our informal agreement. I’m hoping to hit the “free dinner” level in a few weeks.

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There has to be some reason why they are pushing a $97 promo code … so what is it?[/quote]
Even if there weren’t secondary referrals, it’s nothing more than a recommendation, with a discount on your end.

Look at it this way: If your neighbor was thinking about buying the same car as you and asked, “Hey, how do you like that car? Any problems with it?” would you charge him $97 for an answer?

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It’s just craziness. Complete madness. :wink:

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Lensman now that is a nice twist to it all.
Inclusion of special kickbacks - I Love it.

Ha! You guys are not only helpful you are also quite entertaining.

Thanks everybody for your input on this. I guess I better get going and get a promo code too so that I can work hard for the person that referred me.

Have a good one today everybody!

“would you charge him $97 for an answer?”

oh, yes … yes I would! :wink:
Especially if the car I had was giving me problems and needed tons of repairs. My answer would be saving them way more than $97 dollars and I would be able to repair my bad choice of a car. :wink: Just teasing.

Thanks for your response. :slight_smile: