9 Year Customer is Leaving

I opened my account with Dreamhost on 2005-11-18 and today is the day I am finally leaving.

Over the years, the company has been great, but now, it has gotten to the point that they don’t even respond to support tickets anymore. Not only is my site dramatically slow and constantly down, I can’t even get a decent response from support.

I sent in a response ticket 1 day and 7 hours ago, but there has been 0 responses from support (#6346116).

The repeated slow site (site was down for 2 hours while I slept) dilemma has gotten so bad that readme.html files take 30+ seconds to load. This is after the recent server transfer that occurred and it just keeps getting worse and worse. I tested the .html file to make sure it wasn’t a database or wordpress issue.

I switched to a VPS and opened a ticket. Support responded in 4 minutes. This too is a huge company, but they have the respect to actually respond to tickets.

Goodbye dreamhost. I hope that the old dreamhost that used to be fast and respond to support tickets within a reasonable time span makes its way back.

Just out of curiosity, how do you know it was down if you were asleep? Some sort of script?

I feel like I may be in the same boat. All my sites are down and this is becoming the norm, poor service and long waits for any inquiries.

There are a large variety of companies that will monitor your site status. I use Pingdom’s free tier (one site). Also, if your site has reasonable traffic, a simple analysis of the logs will show an outage.

I use UptimeRobot which checks my site periodically and alerts me when it is down. I also had a few customers mention the downtime.

I finally got a reply 36 hours later saying “site seems to be working fine on my end.”

I had already switched to my new host by then lol.

I just couldn’t handle it anymore and went with my own VPS (for a lousy 15 - 20 visitors) a day.

where did you end up moving to?

I went with KnownHost. They have been pretty good so far, but it has only been a few days so I can’t comment on how good they are besides the setup and current speed which is amazing.

I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2006 but am now looking for a new hosting service. For the last couple of years I’ve had regular problems with FTP. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. As OP noted, all one gets from support is, “It looks fine at our end” (which by the time they get round to looking at it is probably true).

You can probably give them another shot on checking this for you. Since this is intermittent, you would also need to take note of the times that it disconnects so support can check the logs and see what happened here. Just worth the time I guess.

I’m trying to talk to someone in sales to answer question about a dedicated server. I run WordPress multi-sites with multi-databases.

If I can’t get a quick responds, in 15 minutes or less from sales on how I can speak with someone then it could take days or never to speak with a tech.

My current server cost me $250 and i’m willing spend money on what I need to run my sites but can’t find a decent hosting company with excellent or even good support any longer.

Doubt I’ll host here.