8 million image files?

I have over 8 million jpg image files amounting to about 250GB in total. They are broken down in 10,000 folders and they will be used on websites. There will be more in time.

Is it advisable to store them at and serve them from DreamObjects?

Any existing usage cases similar to this one? Can buckets handle this volume as smooth as traditional file systems such as ext3, etc.?

DreamObjects will have no problem handling that many files! That’s actually what it’s designed for.

The interesting thing about object storage, in general, is that it doesn’t care about folders. A bucket is a flat namespace and folders are just simulated for the benefit of visual organization. For example, let’s say you have a hard drive with images in a folder structure like this:


-> beach.jpg
-> volcano.jpg
-> snow.jpg
-> hottub.jpg

(That’s supposed to be a Vacations folder with Hawaii and Skiing subfolders, each with a couple pictures in them.)

When these are stored in DreamObjects, the files are stored with folders in the name, so it actually looks like this under the hood:


This makes accessing your images from DreamObjects pretty straight-forward, it’s just /Vacations/Hawaii/beach.jpg

And the really nice part is that URL can be an alias so it can be your domain. You can even turn on CDN and really accelerate the delivery of those images.

I hope that helps explain a bit.