8 hours after phone request and 911 urgency - nothing



Been with DreamHost since 2005. They have somehow just lost or deleted 19 active, paid up and running websites from my account and aren’t replying to any support tickets.

For past several of those years I’ve hosted about 22 domains under 2 separate vps servers and one vps MySQL server

Ps1 = more than 13 users and about 15 domains
Ps2 = one domain and one user (high traffic)
Shared = old low traffic sites x 5
PsMysql = housed ALL databases

Recently discussed with support my interest in upgrading to a 8gb dedicated server and was informed it would be seamless and handled for me with very little or no downtime.

Ps2 was moved in about 20 min. I was astonished. Wow!! Way to go guys. The nest day I sent an email to support asking to go ahead and move ALL of my users and domains over and email me when it was done.

The next morning (today) I had an email saying "congrats! All your users have been migrated and your vps servers have been removed from your dashboard. Good luck and enjoy your new powerful server.

checked online 8 hours ago and only ps2 and shared appear on dedicated server. All sites from ps1 are down and all users from ps1 are gone and now show hosting status on dashboard as "DNS only"******

I’ve submitted 8 support requests as 911 status and a phone call request but have heard nothing at all from anyone.

I have numerous confirmations from support that say "congrats all users have been moved - not automatic, human.

How could they not notice that I’m missing 14-15 users and over 10gb of website domain folders?? Of course I have backups and databases are still intact but all users and sites are gone. If vps hadn’t been deleted I could go back and copy files but it’s gone. My account status currently shows only 3 total uses and 2 active domains.

Nobody is responding in support. what would you do? I don’t want to start rebuilding websites and users in case they can be brought back from the dead but this seems like an ENORMOUS mistake/oversight that is bringing my website clients much stres And my own stress is immeasurable. If someone would just call and say that it’s being worked on it would be so much better than total radio silence.

I am mostly upset that my old vps was deleted before I even had a chance to inspect and verify data integrity.

To top it off, my office phone system was running on one of their openvbx one click installs (which is awesome when it works) but all of that is also gone. So, none of my worried clients can reach my office and this is tearing me and my sanity up.


We had similar issues transitioning from shared to VPS. Similar problems, and similar silence from support. The issue in our case was that the IPv6 addresses attached to some of our domains were not moved properly, so when apache was starting up it failed to bind to some addresses and therefore the virtual hosts never started. This may or may not be your issue, but it might be something worth looking into.

In terms of getting support to sit up and listen, I found the best way to get something done was to post a message to the DreamHost twitter feeds - very shortly after posting that nobody in support seemed to be taking our issues seriously, someone replied saying they’d get support to get on it. And they did. I guess they pay more attention when the dirty laundry is aired in public.


Got a response last night at 3am saying this:

n regards to the sites being moved to the Dedicated server, I have
tested out the sites that are currently set to Fully Hosted and they
appear to be working now. Here is a proxy below to confirm this is the


That said, if you are missing sites that didn’t complete in the
migration, I would need to have you set these to Fully hosted so we can
verify each site to show which ones didn’t successfully complete.
Possibly providing any sites that you notice, and we can also follow up
in this matter as well. We will need this to be done in order to verify
what users exactly were set up with the domains on the account. After
you add the domains back with the specific users, we can then search for
any back ups related to the sites. Please be rest assured that your
files will not be lost. We will be able to recover these from the old
VPS server or back up server related to the sites. So, it would just be
a matter of time to fully recover any sites needed.

To get this process started from this point, just go ahead and request
another call back and we can then issue the callback at this time and
work with you further on this matter.

Once again I am very sorry for the delay and issues you have been
recently experiencing. Be sure to contact us back with any other
questions you have as well.

As though I can just go in and add hosting without any users or site files