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Checking out the hosting plans as I’m in need of a hosting company that will allow larger file uploads to the server and my host has a 2MB limit, as many do. I found a post on here that says that DreamHost allows uploads up to 7MB?? It also said in the post something about php needing to be installed on the server, so my next question is, are these tools available for use on the servers but the customers need to install to use them? I’m inbetween a novice and expert, can install and modify scripts a bit, but I’ve never had to install php. Could someone who has experience with any of this please let me know what you think of DreamHost’s service and support? I’ve heard many good things but of course I want to be sure! Thanks!

The default php upload limit at dreamhost is set to 7mb. Php is already installed for you, however should you need it you can install your own version of php so that you can change those and other limits.

There’s intructions in the wiki on how to install your own php4 or php5. It’s really very simple for the most part as long as you are basically familiar with SSH and command line operations. If you were to make your own intall of php you could concevable up the upload limit as much as you’d like, 10mb 200mb… It’s up to you to decided what you need as compared to the security risks you’re taking.

I have been very happy here for just about 2 years now. Suport isn’t the fastest to get back to you sometimes, but in my expirence they have always replied with a knowlegable and helpful response. I don’t really contact support that often but when I have I generaly get a reply in 2 to 4 hours. However sometimes when things go wrong or there’s a flood of new customers it can be upwards of 24 hours. All in all though I’ve been extremly happy here.

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It should be noted that this upload limit only applies to PHP scripts and the web based FTP client that DreamHost provides.

No such limit applies if you use a ‘real’ FTP client to upload your files.

PHP and many other tools are already installed and ready to go. You will only need to compile/install your own tools (such as PHP) if you wish to change a configuration option that prevents you from running your particular script. Overcoming the 7MB upload limit when using PHP is a good example of why you might need to install your own.

I have found DreamHost support to be excellent. Non-critical queries can take a little while to be answered, usually within 24 hours, but critical queries tend to be answered very quickly. The replies are generally very good as the DreamHost support team tend to really know their stuff.


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