7mb file limit! what to do


ok sorry im new to web stuff so i apologize if this is a stupid question in advance.

so anyways I went to go upload a few files for my site the other day, which just happend to be somewhat large video files in the 20mb range and to my suprise i caught the fine print on the bottem of the ftp upload page and saw it said it limited uploads to 7mb and 30second execution time!!! so what to do i do!? it seems impossible that you wouldnt be able to upload files larger then 7mb as im sure lots of people need to host larger files especially those putting any video on their site.


That’s a PHP limit. If you use a standard FTP client, that limit doesn’t apply.



The 7MB file upload for the ‘web based’ ftp is probaby adequate, however what isNOT is the MAX 30 secs execution time I have 384 kbps upspeed and have not even been able to get a 1mb .zip file upped in under 30 secs (I know there are lots of reasons for slow uploads) but something like 2 mins would be much better


The web upload system is just a basic system. One can always use FTP, SSH, WebDAV… even AFP in some cases to upload larger files.


As others have said, the WebFTP client is very basic at present and only really useful for small changes or updates.

It is likely that DreamHost will improve this over time, but for now I would suggest you use a real FTP client for uploading your site files.


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