777 Super Sale!

Did you hear about this?!


07/07/07 One-Day Sale!
Just for fun, we’re bringing back the promo code that started it all… 777!

What’s that mean for you? INSANE SAVINGS, of course!

Sign up for a year of our “Crazy Domain Insane” package TODAY and use the promo code “777”. You’ll get an INSTANT discount of $110.16 off your bill… leaving you at just $9.24 … 77 cents a month!

The Fine Print:

  • This offer is for new customers only - those who do not have an active account with DreamHost.
  • If you sign up and forget to use the “777” promotional code, you WILL NOT receive the sale pricing and boosted allocations. No amount of complaining will change this!
  • Domains and accounts may not be transferred from an existing DreamHost Web Hosting account to a “777” hosting plan.
  • We reserve the right to deny this sale pricing to anyone at our discretion.
  • This offer only applicable to one and two-year prepaid accounts. Monthly accounts are not eligible.
  • This sale will remain in effect until July 7th, 2007.
  • At the end of 12 months, your account will be automatically extended at the current (non-discounted) rate. You will then be asked to pay for your account if you’d like to keep it. If you do not wish to continue at that time, you may close your account via our control panel.

No referral credit will be provided to referers of customers who sign up for this promotional sale.

Well, it was referenced in this thread earlier today, so I imagine that some of us have heard about it.

Thanks for contributing, though. Please come back soon and provide additional valuable information that we need!

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And it is for new customer only.

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And, no, it doesn’t work for renewals.

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Heh! This poster only shows up every six years or so, so it may be a while before we get more from him! :wink:

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I’m surprised he remembered his password.

Wholly - Use promo code WhollyMindless for full 97$ credit. Let me know if you want something else!