777 promo reactivated

I just tried this. The 7th anniversary promo code. Has been reactivated. However, this time the promo comes out to $9.24 for the first year.

Use code 777 when signing up.

Great :slight_smile:
Can old customers use it if they subscribe a new hosting service (a second domain insane plan for instance) ?

Get [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] Off with promo code :[color=#6600CC]97USD[/color] :cool: use “moua” as referrer

I don’t think so.


[color=#0000CC]“This offer is for new customers only - those who do not have an active account with DreamHost.”[/color]


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for some reason I was thinking the promo was originally for $7.77/yr. It was $9.24 (77¢/mo), thanks for the link.