777 promo - paypal?

Hi I registered for the promo last evening, paid via paypal. (it has been charged and a conformation from dreamhost) was supposed to register a new domain.

when I login, my account overview says

This account currently does not contain any services

So what’s the hangup?

You’re not allowed to pay for the promo with Paypal. Read the fine print. See also another recent thread in this forum about that.

so what did I get billed for then? I’m just supposed to make a donation? Can you reverse the charge etc so I can sign up with a credit card… (I don’t see another thread with paypal in it…)

So why did it give us the option to do so? I also paid with PayPal, but it would not let me finish registering. The domain name is www.itslimetime.com and my user name is bbiswar

Can someone activate the domain or refund my money at least?