777 discount?


till what time is that good? How do i input it to get the discount? Thanks.


yes, and step 7 - thanks! ^^


A post must have disappeared. Did you get it figured out? I thought the 777 discount was pretty old and probably not still around. Where did you hear about it?



Odd. We’re mostly unmoderated here so someone must have posted and then deleted their post. There have been recurring rumors that Dreamhost does reactivate their old promo codes occasionally, allowing people to get the great discounts of yore - the 777 7th anniversary one in particular got you $110 off.

In particular, that promo does sound a lot better to me than the current one of six months free hosting for $9.95. (see the main dreamhost site for details)

Then again, it might have been someone hawking an alternate code in an unacceptable way.

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I believe it’s good until sometime today. Snag it. I signed up yesterday, with the 777 discount, and am already absolutely thrilled with the service.

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