72 hours and no DNS


Registered a new domain (dahmus.org) as a new customer on Sunday; it’s now Thursday and it can’t resolve from anywhere (not even dreamhost itself). I thought the MOST this would take was about 72 hours. Any guidance or suggestions? Have I forgotten to turn something on?


I see you have the correct nameservers added at the domain registry.
Have you added the actual domain to your account using the Control Panel via this link.

Then add your domain via the add a new domain option.

If you have done all this you may need to contact Support from the Control Panel support section.


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I went to the DNS page, and got a complaint about “weirdness” - it told me it would try to go refresh the zone records; and after a few minutes it did; and now everything works. Thanks for at least pointing me somewhere close to the right direction ;+)


For whatever it’s worth, I just went to dahmus.org and got the standard “Index of /” page that you would expect to see on a new website. So the DNS has gone through alright.

You want to try and just put a simple HTML file in web directory, call it index.html and see if that helps at all.