7 days without help?


Its now been 7 days without help from support - is this normal? What is going on with support at the moment?


How many tickets did you file? What’s your site? What’s wrong?


one would assume that he’s referring to this thread: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-135183.html

and then a request for help with changing email over to google, here: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-135194.html


come on, man. there are more important things than your website.

for instance, toast.

check what the dreamhost team have been up to on facebook.


@bye bye
That’s petty, actually - and the “bye bye” username as well shows a lack of maturity.

Not everyone in a company can sit glued to a screen waiting for something to go wrong, and if it takes time to resolve an issue,
then it takes time. I saw that link too, it said MARKETING, now I know I’m a bit slow sometimes, but marketing doesn’t seem like
the department that would deal with technical support issues, does it? No… so it’s not really relevant is it?

You casually seem to be neglecting the support work-load too, how many tickets there are ahead of yours, how many of
those tickets ahead of yours are higher priority and need fixing before anything else.

You know how many times I have had to tell a busy store that they can’t use a whole checkout for yet another day because
the engineer has been re-assigned to a higher priority call? All too often, and I’ve had flack from that by the store,
but what do you think I can do about it? Now apply that here.

I’ve seen situations were data, critical to the running of a business is concerned, and the customer has had to wait 10 days
for the issue to be fully resolved, not because the support staff weren’t doing their jobs, but because that’s the
nature of how the system they use worked. They didn’t QQ about it, they knuckled down and got on with it.

Now I’m not advocating that a 7-day wait time for a first response is acceptable, it isn’t - But what are YOU doing in the mean time?
Sitting twiddling your thumbs waiting for a reply or are you being proactive and chasing it daily??
7 Days! I’d have sent an email every day none stop after the first 24 hours until I got a reply.


I have been waiting TEN (10) DAYS for a response to my CS ticket. And it was marked with the “OMG EVERYONE’S DYING!” status too.
Yes. I have been diligent in trying to get a response, but nope.

This is really bad support for Dreamhost standards. Just last year I was singing to everyone who would listen how great their customer service was, and now I have been blown off twice in less than 2 weeks.