@ in MySQL and PHP

Hello all!

I’m trying to simply display the data in my MySQL database and I receive this error and I cannot find what it means. I have added my IP address, my website name with a wildcard in front of it and still to no avail. Any one have any advice or resources that may solve this problem?

Access denied for user ‘mlcadmin’@‘’ to database ‘mlc’

First make sure the user ‘mlcadmin’ has rights to the ‘mlc’ database.

If it does, check that %.dreamhost.com appears in the whitelist.

If both the above look okay, try connecting with a different MySQL alias.

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Are you absolutely sure the database is called “mlc”? The only database I can find associated with that username is called “mlctest”.

Wow, thank you guys very much! You were right on the mistaken db_name. Thanks again!