6 hours on urgent ticket?

I submitted an urgent ticket almost six hours ago and have yet to receive a response.

In my experience that is not the definition of a quick response.

I very much need to have the issue resolved. Can someone please look into ticket number #5631015 ?

Thank you.

Dreamhost generally responds to support tickets within 24 hours.

You didn’t mention if you had purchased premium support, or a premium product such as VPS or dedicated server. Those may be support faster :slight_smile:

I realize that the response is generally within 24 hours, but that implies a non urgent need.

A request marked urgent means just that that - urgent and as such should be responded to accordingly. It does not imply “only urgent if you pay for it.” As such, there’s not really anything that paying for premium support can do - my entire account has been wiped out in error - the only thing that needs to be done is to have that issue corrected. Meanwhile, however, nothing can be accessed.

It’s not even a matter of I didn’t keep my billing up to date as it is for a non profit account which DreamHost does not charge for.

I just need someone to take a look at the ticket, realize the error and restore the site from back up. But it needs to be done quickly, hence the urgent flag.

Restore the site from your own backups.

I can’t do that until the hosting plan is restored. It’s a plan for a non-profit so there is a special plan/procedure on the end of Dreamhost for that.

Tweet them @DreamHostCare with your ticket number. Maybe someone will see it and push your ticket up the queue.

I will look into that, thank you!

The self classification system does work to a degree, but not completely. To most people everything THEY need qualifies as URGENT and they mark their tickets accordingly :slight_smile:

Hey Kenneth,

I just emailed you, AND tweeted you back :slight_smile: Sorry for the delay on your Urgent ticket – our team has been pretty swamped all day with a rather heavy influx of tickets (which is why I barely even got to peek into the forums just now), and we’re working as fast as we can, I can assure you! Thanks so much for your patience though. We’ve gone ahead and corrected the error on your non-profit account, and I can see your site loading well from our end. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to reply to the email, or tweet us back even. Thanks again!

Thank you very much for this suggestion. It got someone’s attention and the issue is now resolved!