6 hours, no response from support

One of my sub domains was taken offline because too many server resources were being used. I’ve corrected the problem and I’ve been waiting for a response/confirmation from Support for:
5 hours 46 mins

This is killing me here guys, I really need this sub domain unlocked. I don’t want to go into detail here but I’ll say we were hit hard because we were esentially slashdotted. Please can someone at support contact me back and help me resolve this?

I appreciate how frustrating it must be to have to wait when you are “down”, but that delay is not at all unreasonable.

I suspect mvandemar’s whine about an approximate two hour delay to his tickets, and DH Honcho Michael’s subsequent public response to him, might make it seem like trying to “prod” the support queue here is effective, but it has been my experience that it is not.

If it was (effective) every post here would be “I put in a ticket and I haven’t been answered yet”, and the whole concept of a support queue would be lost. :wink:

Patience is a virtue. Try to “hang in there”; I’m sure DH support will answer your as soon as they can. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know. Im just posting here in the hopes that someone may notice it and get the support rushed through. Still no response unfortunately. I will say though that I usually get a response within the first few minutes, but now its going on 8 hours 7 mins. Its really discouraging :frowning:

Still waiting 11 hours 32 mins.

Just from reading posts here, I’ve noticed that certain kinds of problems take longer. Excess resource utilization is one of those things that I think requires steady hands and eyes from among the DH support staff - we’ve certainly heard complaints here about prompt but allegedly inexperienced support advice regarding resource utilization. I’d guess that you’re in the queue for what might qualify as second level support if DH had levels.

I’m just guessing so it’s probably most likely that I’m totally off base.

Perchance have you figured out a solution to your problem and have optimized your site or have a static alternative you could redirect to temporarily? If so you might tell support that and thus maybe qualify for a quicker response.

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I’ve corrected the issue. I had uploaded a very popular video file to my site and it was direct linked by a ton of websites. When the site was still registering hits we were getting a couple hundred people every few seconds trying to access the site.

I noticed this almost immediately and restricted downloads to only those who are directly on our site. That helped, but I was then in the process of removing the file when support killed my domain. I was told I would need to get dedicated hosting for the subdomain which is not really the case now that the problems been corrected. All that is on the domain are a couple video files totaling around 600MB.

Basically we got “slashdotted” for a couple minutes and then had the sub domain shut down.

Yay, someone finally contacted me. All is well :slight_smile:


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Twice the support in half the time, for a fraction of the cost…

Mail works, servers are serving. Network is fine. All is well.

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I’m glad to hear things are all squared away! :slight_smile: