$6.95 or $8.95!?


I am a current coustomer who would like to get the wordpress install but need hosting. On the wordpress page it says its $6.95 per month for 24 months (http://dreamhost.com/partners/wordpress/) , BUT when I have to sign in it says I’m already a customer and then sends me to the “Manage Account” page to add hosting, on this page it says that it’s $8.95 per month for 24 months!
I would hope that as a loyal customer I would get the same rate that someone brand new would be getting!
How do I get the $6.95 rate for 24 months???


It looks like they are trying to monetise their free apps. It doesn’t appear to be a full-blown shared hosting account. Perhaps something like a more permissive version of the simple installs they used to offer, without the possibility of hosting any other types of app.


My take on that deal is that it’s a new customer offer. It does have all the unlimited’s of a regular account listed, followed by

and just under that we find out the * means:


if you are an existing customer you cannot renew your services and get promotional pricing. more than likely you got a good discount when you were a new customer so why would you expect to get one again? it is a common practice to offer new customers discounts to entice them to use your service. some will renew at the regular price and others will leave. that’s how the industry is. it would be nice if DH would give discounts to longtime customers but to my knowledge they never have. being loyal or not doesn’t come into it with any service provider. the electric company won’t give me a discount on my bill even though i’ve paid faithfully for 10+ years. same with my cellphone provider.