#58513326 - Use of the API, Trademarks and Copyrighted material


Can a member of staff take a look at this one please.

I appreciate it can take some time to move things along -
but I’ve been waiting on a reply for some time now, and “Senior Management” do not seem to have attempted
to contact me where RLP has advised they would.

If possible, can you make amendments to your terms, conditions and any other legal documentation surrounding the use of the
API, and other DreamHost materials - I would love some sort of system where approved individuals could make use of the materials
in conjunction with the API - I know some apps already do use these materials, but I’d rather cover my back to make sure I remain all legal before
making public an app that uses these materials.

I don’t know why this is dragging - This should be fairly simple - Do I, or do I not have permission from dreamhost to make use of the same materials other have used in their applications where the API has been implemented…? and what are the conditions of use?

Maybe you need to clarify your question to be more precise.

Things like: “the same materials other have used”, are incredibly vague statements.
How can Dreamhost possibly know everything that others have used?

If you are interested in stuff that belongs to Dreamhost, it would make more sense to list exactly what you want to use and ask for permission to use that.

Though as someone who has built an application using Dreamhost’s API, I can’t think of any additional permissions you’d need to ask from Dreamhost to build an app using their API.

Because I stated exactly what I wanted to use in the support ticket I referenced above.

I got one reply saying that the issue would be passed up/onwards but so far, I’ve never received further information - and when I posted publicly about it, and the post is still being ignored as staff have posted numerous times in other areas.

Saldash, I can’t answer that, but I do know we poked our senior management about that. They’re aware of your question. Sadly, I work in a different building so I can’t walk over and poke them in person that easily.

Saldash, your question is kind of vague. But, from just reading what you’ve written here it sounds like you want blanket permission to use copyrighted materials and others API development at your sites without additional permission? DH cannot change terms to allow you permissions they cannot grant so it may take a while for them to be able to answer you. Your ticket might be the best way to get follow-up

No, where I’ve referenced other peoples work, I merely refer to their uses of the same material I’d like to use, but, did they get DH permission to use those materials. If so, how do I go about getting the same.

My application is done and dusted, has been for months and I’d like to promote it on the wiki with the others but, I’ve seen how nasty corporate law suites become and the little guy doesn’t come out the other end…
I just wanted to know - from my question in the ticket - by using these materials in this way (as others have as-well), but without prior written consent, would I be stepping on any corporate toes… If it is a problem, then fine, I’ll be on my bike and shut up about it.

I’ll be happy even if someone pops on and says no, just to play it safe.
But (DreamHost) please don’t imply that I should be expecting an answer, then never get back to me.

I just wanted to promote an app I originally wrote for myself that I found useful,
and demonstrate that it was exclusive to DreamHost customers using the API.

As others have pointed out already, the request is excessively vague. The phrase “and other DreamHost materials” alone could be interpreted as “ALL YOUR BASE”. Just define exactly what it is you want permission to use and perhaps someone will be able to give you a response.

That’s great, but this is a public forum and we don’t have access to the support tickets. We only have what you post here to go by. If you want other users to weigh in - which we assume you do if you post in this forum - then you need to provide all the information to make it possible for others to help you.