555 offer and help on payment process

Hi, firstly congrats for DreamHosts success in gaining 0.5M hosted domains! I’ve heard about DH host before and was thinking to get my hosting here. Suddenly today i saw the special offer with the ‘555’ promo code in celebration of DHs gaining of 0.5M hosted domains. I thought its a better deal. Although the disk space and bandwidth quota i’ll not be able to use,but the $50 discount with 5 extra domains is what i was needed. Cause i want all of the .com.net.info.us etc extensions for my domain. So its not doubt a better deal instead of $97 discount. However, I’ve signed up with the promo code and wanted to pay through money order. But unfortunately a money order from a south asian country will take more than one month. Again neither have credit care nor paypal. I can’t think off what can,should i do now. I even never used google checkout and don’t know if dreamhost or google supports debit card ? Can anyone help me?
Another confussion working on my mind about the offer. It is told that the offer is valid for only first 500 sign ups. I saw the discount applied to me. But, is the offer only based on first 500 sign ups Or, first 500 sign up and completed payment? Thanks.

You probably should be aware that DH does not register .us domain (check this link for more information), so there is no need to use that promo code instead of one with only 4 domains and more money back, or some other benefit.

I know absolutely nothing about payment methods from a “South Asian” country, so I can’t give you any information or help on that, sorry! :frowning:


I’d contact DH about the payment, or just wait out the money order.

Also, DH is known for not expiring promo codes when they say they will, so that one could be around for quite some time.

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Thanks for the quicker replies.
Actually i want none to have just same domain with most common extension. Mainly .com.net.info,but if i win 5 life time domain i think i’ll take other available extensions like .org.biz or just make a gift friend. Ok,thats just optional now. For payment i asked some of my friends if they have credit card so i can pay with it. If be unable :frowning: then no way just money order or any other solution. Many many thanks to both of you. Wish i’ll be proud dreamhost member soon:-)

Welcome to DH!

It seems you are excited with the 555 promotion. You must be quick!

As you mentioned, if it takes one month using money order, and it is also not refundable paying with money order (DH poilcy), I think the best solution for you is to ask your friend to make payment for you. From what we experienced, it is fast to pay using Google Checkout.

Good luck! So sad that we missed the boat :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here, Google Checkout is much faster. I had my account in less than 24 hours.

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