555: 5 domains = what exactly?

sorry for n00b question here but does 5 free domain registrations = 5 websites? I’m not sure if it means all 5 domains end up pointing to the one website (i.e. foo.com and foo.net show the same site/same content) or if you can have them as separate websites (i.e. each domain shows different sites)

I just signed up for the 555 hosting plan and registered one domain during signup, and am building content for that site now. I also created a couple of subdomains on that domain and I see them all show up under my one FTP account, which is great - But I’d like to use the other 4 domain registrations to have completely different themed sites, even if they still all show up as sub-folders in the FTP view. Is that possible?

thanks for any help.

Registration credits are for either registering a domain name that you don’t already own, or transferring domains that you already own to Dreamhost from another registrar.

Registrations are totally separate from hosting. You can host unlimited domains on any plan, as completely separate sites. They don’t even have to be registered here–just point the nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com

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[quote]just point the nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com


And add them as “fully hosted” in the panel…

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I see, thanks for pointing that out - since I can have my 5 domain registrations for free then I guess this is really more of a hosting question :slight_smile:

When you go to add a domain through the control panel (for hosting – not registering), it will bring up a page that shows the different options.

Fully hosted will make it its own unique site with its own directory.

You can also choose between redirecting, mirroring, etc.

You can also go back and edit these settings at any time if you decide to change PHP versions, switch from redirect to fully-hosted, or any other changes.

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Let’s say that you register another domain. When you host that domain (by adding it as a domain in the dreamhost control panel), you can choose as an option to fully host that domain. This is probably exactly what you did when you hosted those subdomains (I’m guessing, but you tell me!).

When you do fully host that additional domain, if you choose the standard options, you’ll see it as another subdirectory of your home directory just like your original domain and all those subdomains you created and hosted.

Does that help?

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Yes. You can have 5 different websites with different domain names. You can also create different websites using subdomains like subdomain.domain.com

You can have them as separate websites. When you add domain in DH panel, you have a choice to select a FTP user to fully control the website. Most of us create new FTP user for new website.

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You can also create a new FTP use to manaage the subdomain. It is up to you how to manage your domain and subdomains.

When you add new domains, DH automaticallly create a folder domain.com in FTP user’s folder. The path will be something like /home/user/domain.com If more than one domains is under the same FTP user account, it will be something like /home/user/domain1.com; /home/user/domain2.com; /home/user/domain3.com

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thank you everyone for your help! I think it’s clear to me now what to expect :slight_smile:

and good vibes for what I can expect as a dreamhost customer - extremely happy so far :slight_smile:

welcome to DH!

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