550 Overwrite permission denied

'm Japanese, and automatic translation to translate the site. So that might be funny in English, sorry.
Today, I tried to transfer files with FTP
"550 Overwrite permission denied"
This error can not be transferred out.

Save it and get this error.
To upload a new file once and then deleted on the server is fine.

What can I do?

Surprisingly, I was not an error After reviewing.
I wonder who are supported by dreamhost?
Understanding the cause of a little anxiety. However, it is relieved
thank you

Same prob here, drop a note to support. They will reset the FTP server. They will also say to use SFTP on port 22, it’s not a problem with SFTP.

I just encountered this problem for the first time yesterday–I had not had this problem before. Not sure why it is happening. Nothing has changed at my end.



As Scofield said, switching from FTP to SFTP seems to solve the problem. FTPの代わりにSFTPを使ったら、問題はなくなる