550: Disk quota exceeded



I get a “550 - Disk Quota exceeded” on my ftps. I checked the following:

A) Disk Quota - I don’t have any limits set on my quota and according to the panel im currently using 0% of it.
B) User - Im currently logged in as the owner of the FTP
C) Mail - Nothing here, disk space is free as well.

I CHMOD’d the entire disk structure and set it to 777, still nothing.

Can anybody help? Thanks!


Additional Info:

I don’t know if this affected anything, but i recently installed a wordpress one-click install on the FTP.

Prior to that every thing was a-okay.


It sounds like a problem that can be solved only by DH support. I’ll suggest you to submit a support ticket to DH support.

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You don’t happen to have an email quota set for this user, do you?

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