504 Gateway Timeout? Help!


I am trying to log on to my wordpress blog and it keeps give me this…

Service Unavailable.
Technical Description-
504 Gateway Timeout - The web sever is not responding.

What do I do??


If you can supply an acct# or a domain name would be even better, We can look into it for you right away … or you can submit a ticket directly to our support Dream Team here http://bit.ly/PfpbbY

Hope that helps,
Matt C


Sure! My domain name is lovelucygirl.com

Is that what you need? I’m sorry, I’m not very technical! I really appreciate your quick response!


Looks like what ever issue you were getting is gone :slight_smile: I was able to resolve your domain http://www.lovelucygirl.com/ … and I’m looking at some “First Lady Fashion” :slight_smile:

If you need any more help use that link from my last post to send a ticket to our support Dream Team.

Matt C


Yes! Great! Thank you so much!! : )