504 Gateway Timeout Error on PHPBB3


I’ve been using Dreamhost for about 5 years now and my experience has always been positive. Unfortunately, PHPBB recently forced me to update my version of PHP that I was using.

The site was on PHPBB 5.2 FastCGI. All was great, it ran very well and I never had issues with Gateway Timeouts etc.

Then it said to update to the newest version, I had to switch to PHP 5.3, which I did. My board doesn’t have any mods installed, so I figured this would be a blast… Initially I chose FastCGI mode, but I was getting hundreds of Gateway Timeouts a day. Even when using ordinary functions like viewing a normal thread.

I read online that a quick way to solve it was to go to CGI mode, which cleared up most of the errors, but I still get them when doing large SQL tasks, like pruning members etc.

It’s now running 5.4 CGI and it’s still broken. I’ve just had a major spam attack by some Russian sales people and I’m trying to prune hundreds of users but it keeps timing out with this error :frowning:

Any ideas?
Just switched to 5.2 FastCGI like it was on originally. Got a warning about my php version, but I’m able to prune hundreds of users without an error. It’ll do for now, but is there any way I can track down where this has come from? :frowning: