504 Gateway Time-out Error is driving me nuts! Help!


Hey guys,

I’m getting this error message with only ONE of my wordpress blogs:

504 Gateway Time-out

And it isn’t that the blog doesn’t show up when loaded on browser… it shows up…
but the error is only displayed when I try to login to the dashboard of that particular

Tried refreshing, deleting cache/cookies, using another browser…etc. No use.

Other blogs work fine and I can login to their dashboards with no prob.

What exactly is the cause of this and how can I fix it? Support only gave me a
generic answer (directed me to this page: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Nginx )
but didn’t answer the question about why is it related to only one particular blog?

And which part of that above page exactly relates to my particular problem?

Still waiting for their reply, but I’m in a hurry.

Any help greatly appreciated.



That error message typically means that a PHP script (in this case, the one which runs the WordPress admin panel) didn’t finish up in a timely manner. Since it’s just this blog that was being affected, my guess would be that you might have had some sort of WordPress plugin installed that was slowing down the admin interface. I’d recommend that you try removing some of the plugins from this blog temporarily, by going into wp-content/plugins and renaming or deleting the directories for them.


Thanks for your reply Andrew… I don’t have any plugin installed or changed on this blog since months. But I’ll try your suggestion.


UPDATE: Been changing the names of every plugin one by one… no result… so decided to change the name of the whole folder /plugins… did so and still no result.

Any clues??