503 Service Unavailable

Getting only errors uploading and downloading images from the cloud since about 2:45 PM
Is it just me?

Also when I go to my dreamobjects manage screen in the web panel, it says “error loading buckets for some users” and for my userid failed to load.

the status page says:
We are performing emergency maintenance in DreamObjects on failing network gear that cannot be failed over redundantly. You may see intermittent connectivity to your stored objects for the next hour.

That explains it.

edit at 4:10 PM. my buckets are back.

My buckets are down. Dammit, Dreamhost, this is one of the last of your services that I use. And you can’t even get this one right. :frowning:

My buckets were available at around 4:00PM, but are down again at 5:10PM

added at 5:33 my buckets are OK again.

Hey all, the errors you were seeing yesterday were a result of the emergency maintenance yesterday afternoon due to needing to replace some failing network gear. http://status.dreamhost.com/pages/history/575f0f606826303142000510/575f11ad6826303142000527

You can check the status blog if you’re having issues as that will be the first place we post it.

Would it be difficult or impossible to send an email/tweet/BatSignal that you are going to do this, so we can let clients know ahead of time that there will be a temporary (and hopefully short) outage?

Quite frankly, I thought the point of a CDN was that if something wasn’t available from one location, it would be available from other, multiple, redundant locations. Please correct any wrong ideas I have here.

Well, yeah, I checked the status blog and it said DreamObjects was “Operational”, which it definitely wasn’t. There is a disconnect somewhere on your end.