503 service temporarily unavailable

Submitted a ticket but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Can a technician please check on 5280comics.com and safetycompliantservices.com for the issues I stated? It’s only been a few hours but I am hoping this gets resolved quickly.


I’m not a technician, but safetycompliantservices.com loaded OK:
Input URL: http://www.safetycompliantservices.com/
Effective URL: http://www.safetycompliantservices.com/
Responding IP:
Name Lookup Time: 0.215575
Total Retrieval Time: 1.700241
Download Speed: 15186

5280comics.com resulted in a 500 Server Error

Thanks, keyplyr

I think maybe they’re working on the problem.


Yup! One of our technicians actually just replied to your ticket about 30 minutes ago. :slight_smile: Your sites are now loading without error!

Thanks. It is still experiencing problems. These are brand new sites with no traffic so I think something isn’t right with the server.

Thanks again.

Both sites rendered OK for me just now :slight_smile:

It seems to be off and on as I am currently experiencing with site loading. Have sent in support ticket yesterday and am waiting for a response.

After several back and forth. DH determined that it must have been a plugin that was taking up so much resources. Out of frustration, I changed hosting for the site to another host and everything seems to be performing without hiccups. Can someone explain this?

Hmm, would you mind telling me what server you were on, if you remember? I’m on Flying, and ever since my site was moved here, it’s been failing with alarming frequency (with, indeed, a 503 error).

i was on rufus-king. Now that I’m with another hosting company, I havent experienced any problems. I may have to consider moving