503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

I was recently moved onto the “reeses” server (don’t know exactly why) and ever since then my site (44disasters.com) has been down.

I’m getting an error, “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.” Sometimes the site will load if I keep trying, but with missing images and no CSS, etc.

I’ve contacted Dreamhost but no response as of yet. Any ideas? It would be appreciated, thanks.

Carv, I’m on bourbon and I’ve been getting that sporadically over the last week. The problem I had–and am still having–are spammers attacking my wp-comments-post.php file. Kind of ridiculous, since I moderate all comments and have akismet running, but of course akismet doesn’t stop them from hammering away regardless. I have loaded the Bad Behavior plug-in, I’ve even killed my wp-comments-post.php file and I’m still sporadically getting the symptoms you’re talking about. I’m going to re-open the issue with DH support shortly, once the control panel quits 404ing. Perhaps you’re having the same issue with spam friends?

I found another post about this yesterday. It hit me hard as well.

Quick fix that usually works is to got to your panel --> manage domains --> edit the mucked up domain, but do not change anything. It is the httpd_conf error. Wait a bit and if it not fixed submit a support ticket, there is a special section just for httpd_conf errors.


may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.


beerorkid: nice URL BTW.

I looked at that wiki entry and I’m not sure I’m seeing the same thing. According to what I’m reading there, the httpd_conf error is listed when you get the 503. Instead, I’m just getting:

Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

No error beyond that listed. Maybe I’m missing something.

I am sure you have already contacted support, if not I would recommend it. Sounds kinda major.