503 error: desperate newbie

Hello all,

I’m new to DH, having just transferred my Wordpress.com blog to Wordpress.com last week and I am already having the sort of nightmare that made me reluctant to self host. I have has a 503 ‘service temporarily unavailable’ error on my site for the past 90 minutes and no idea why. My blog is not big (under 200 posts) and not heavy on video or traffic so I’m lost. I do have some plugins, but only 6 or so. I’m supposed to relaunch my blog this morning and I’d really appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.

Very much appreciated.

maybe something like this: http://forum.dreamhosters.com/3rdparty/87631-Wordpress-and-503-Error.htm ??

Please do follow up whether disabling extra security solves the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: