502 Errors

I’m getting intermitted errors for the last 2 days on GrinningLikeAnIdiot.com, Dreamhost support has been notified, and I’ve worked through the chat sessions with no success. I’ve cleared cache, flushed DNS all sorts of stuff I’ve never had to do because things just worked. I didn’t change anything and it is clearly on dream host side…

Any ideas? I’m tired of waiting.

what’s in your error logs? 502 is generally something that’s going to be DH’s problem, but there might be something there. If you are desperate, you could try removing hosting from the account and then re-adding it. Doing so will sometimes bump you to a new apache instance.

Not sure, I’m not finding them. Can you tell me where to look?

I just tried to go to PHPmyAdmin - even that returned a 502 Bad Gateway error…I found where the log from the FTP server and it returned 550 no such file exists…

Hi sweaverster, you can probably check the logs one by one on /var/log directory. You can probably start on error_log.

Have you tried a reboot yet? I’ve seen people being able to fix this miraculously.