500 woes, lack of preparation and a catch 22

Ok, this is getting a little much!

I’m trying to sign up for the yearly plan but when I click the “sign up now” button on your hosting.html page it takes me to https://dreamhost.com/signup/?plan=1&yearly=1 and gives me a Server 500 error. I’ve tried both the 1 year and the 2 year button (in IE 7 and FF2) but both give the same result.

So I thought - I should report this! And went to the contact page (http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi) and the script is giving me a software error (I’m using FF2):

Can’t call method “prepare” on an undefined value at /usr/local/ndn/web/dreamhost5/contact.cgi line 51.

Then I tried to email support@dreamhost.com but that came back as unreceived because I’m not a customer, but I can’t use the contact form to contact you to tell you that I can’t contact you… how catch 22. So my last resort seems to be the forum. I know we all have off days and I seem to have popped in at exactly such a time!

I’d really like to be a customer!

I know that certain parts of the DreamHost system (notably the contact form and the control panel) are being worked on at the moment. It might be worth hanging on for a couple of days and then trying again.

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right, tomorrow should be better

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That page works for me right now. Maybe it’s been fixed?

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anybody is welcome to be a customer.

just try again and you will be one of DH family :wink:

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