500+ open requests all the time now :S

Anybody else notice the sheer volume of open requests that are going on as of late. My brother who joined dream host last year said the number rarely even hit 50 if that. I am concerned that DH does not have the staffing necessary to accomodate this amount of troubleshooting…anybody else concerned? another question would be why is soo many things going wrong now? just wondering.


Yes, it makes me feel guilty when I have to submit half-a-dozen calls such as recently when I made a new sign-up, and got the usual raft of setup problems. :frowning:

well if DH would handle it in the first few, than it wouldnt take 12 :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re in the process of hiring another support employee.



not sure one extra support person is going to cut it with the recent troubles they have been encountering. call me pessimistic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trust me, you’ll see improvement.


I don’t think 500+ open support requests, in and of itself, is something to be concerned about… it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot is going wrong all of the sudden.

Perhaps several thousand new users have been added on the 777 promo. That may translate into scores of people every week who don’t know how to use the webpanel, access their new ftp account, or transfer/register their domain.

This is in addition to the legion of previous DH users who have their periodic requests into support.

Do I look forward to to having additional support staff? Yes. Am I overly concerned right now? Not really.

Not meant to sound too negative, but the sheer FACT that there are 500+ open support tickets IS worrying, no matter what.

I now begin to doubt the cleverness of this 777 promo thingy. Yes, it may not cost much to DreamHost in terms of server resources; however, when SUPPORT is involved, it’s a total disaster. The $9.24 A YEAR per customer DreamHost gets couldn’t even cover half an hour of support; the only chance of making a profit is to look forward to tranferring say a high percentage of this loss leader group into paying clients NEXT year. The question is: how about NOW? Existing clients who pay higher fees are being pushed down the queue when they ask for support, which in turns could significantly reduce their renewal rate in coming months. Arrgh!

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