500 Internal Server errors


I’m getting tons of 500 Internal Server errors today. Commenting on my blog results in a log delay and then the 500 error. My error log is full of stuff like this:

and dozens of these (when the blog tries to send the email notification for a new comment):

Is anyone else experiencing this?


This is usually caused by procwatch if your user is consuming more than a fair share of resources. Is this from a heavily trafficed site?

This sounds like something only Support can deal with. The two may be related.


Usally that means that your (shared) server has run out of resources/memory allocated to your account.
There is VPS (which DreamHost will advice), but before you spend more money, look at your plugins and de-activate/delete the ones you do not really need.
Try using a cache plugin like W3Total cache for your blog, which will very much reduce the strain on the server/your account/blog.


I’ve put in a ticket, but they are super slow at responding. My site uses very little resource. It’s only open to about 20 paid customers, and uses about 10MB/day.


That certainly sounds like a Support issue then.