500 Internal Server Error

Hi Everyone,

Everything seems to be moving well for my site for the past couple of months. But from past 1-2 weeks I’ve been facing this strange issue and its really impacting my work and site performance. Whenever i try to upload an image or create a new post or try to access my website(www.stylishwalks.com) which is built on wordpress i’m getting “500 Internal Server Error” along with “Connection lost” issues frequently while publishing my posts most of the time and when i refresh or try again i’m able to publish or add images. (I’m also using Smush.it plugin to optimize my images too)

My problem is due to this frequent “500 Internal Server Error” along with “Connection lost” issues i’m not able to work easily at peace. Kindly help me in sorting this issue out please :frowning:

You’re running out of PHP memory.

  1. Upgrade to PHP 5.4 - https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage& click on edit the domain and pick PHP 5.4

  2. Bump your memory to 128M - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Php.ini#PHP_5.3_.2F_5.4


  1. I was able to upgrade to PHP 5.4 easily to speed up the site but was not able to see that php memory is increased to 128M

  2. I’ve done the things mentioned in the link (creating folders and phprpc file) But seems like my php memory limit is not increased to 128M yet). Have read online that php memory can be set at .htaccess or config file also. Do you suggest to try these. Sorry, I’m not a techie, so lil cautious with my attempts

  3. Also just not to take advantage of your servers/data i just want to know if 128M is what the max limit i can go for. Can this be set to 200M or 256M also ?

128M is about as high as you want to go with shared hosting. if you need more than that, you need to start looking at a bigger server. However yes, you have PHP at 128M and it’s working.

i was able to fix the issue after talking to your support team. Thank you :slight_smile: