500 Internal Server Error

I have been getting an internal server error when trying to access my PhP-based web sites (PhP-Fusion) ever since I received notification that my account was moved to the new fire! server earlier today. My sites that are built using plain old simple HTML work just fine. FTP to my account works fine. Email seems to work fine. If I drop an index.html into the home directory or any sub-directory of my PhP sites, that index.html comes up fine. I checked and my domains have all upgraded to PhP-5.

Is anyone having this same problem and/or know what the issue is? I don’t know where to start looking since the symptoms don’t seem to be indicative of the possible problems the Dreamhost notification email (of the move) suggested to be checked.

A 500 usually indicates an overloaded server. You can SSH in and type ‘uptime’ to see the load averages. They should be below 5. If you see that the server is overloaded, submit a ticket to Support.


I haven’t seen a 500 error, however, in the last two days I have had to recreate my MySQL users because mysteriously the existing ones lost their ability to connect to the database.

Just throwing that out there.


One of my domains has been getting the same error for about a month now. So far I’ve traced it to ioncube as being the culprit (as usual!). I HATE that program!

I still haven’t found a fix for it though.

I don’t see any 500 errors, but i noticed you have a PHP error at the bottom of your page:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare todaysdate() (previously declared in /home/lynnmonk/wobblypromotions.com/Ads.php:7) in /home/lynnmonk/wobblypromotions.com/Ads.php on line 9