500 Internal Server Error

Just wondering if anyone else is getting a 500 Internal Server Error on some of their sites? I have two that I’m receiving it on and I can’t figure it out (www.arcaslegion.com/forum) and (www.veracity-guild.com/forums)

Yet my other sites seem unaffected by this.

I’m getting the same problem at http://www.regfee.info

Any ideas?

I can load your site now, but I am getting a WordPress database connection error problem screen.

That sequence of events makes be suspect your server is being re-booted. If this is the case and there are no other problems, you should be “good to go” shortly :wink:


I removed the cgi scripts I was hosting there, and the site came up after that (very slowly though). However, seconds later I got the db error, so it probably had nothing to do with cgi and the server was just being rebooted. Thanks, Jorge

This theory is further supported by the fact that the original poster’s sites are back up and running.

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Im getting the same (500; fanta). Any resolution on this?

Both of the other posters reporting errors in this thread sites are all back up.


I’ve just now tried again. I’m still getting 500 errors during Gallery installs.

I’m not 100% sure but I think the internal server error is due to the memory limit defined in php.ini If you’ve solved the problem cool, if not, contact me on aim at xbriangravesx and i’ll help you out.