500 Internal Server Error, Premature end of script

Premature end of script headers: /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi

I get these errors every few days, randomly. Sometimes not. Any way I can narrow it down? There is no scripting ability in the Internal_Error.html file which shows up for the error.

The error log shows nothing helpful, Premature end of script headers: /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi

Access Log shows pretty normal activity.

CPU log shows nothing helpful, just a bunch of mem usage and no related scripts.

Enabling full error reporting in PHP shows only warnings and I fixed up a lot of them, no difference.

I am on a shared server.

It is hard to trace this error.

I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to DH.

I recall some of the posts. Some people have the same problem. It was caused by some heavy processes on the same server. If so, DH may move you to another server.

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