500 Internal Server Error for WordPress Site



Hi. I am really frustrated. I am paying for the 24/7 live support but the CHAT link is null. What’s the heck?! Anyway, I am hoping someone here can explain how I can troubleshoot a “500 Internal Server” error on my domain. The site crashed after I uploaded several image files. I see lots of references to fixing HTAccess permissions. However, I am not password-protecting any folders, so I don’t think this applies.

I tried logging in via FTP and removing everything from my UPLOADS folder that I posted. No luck.

I have also seen some suggestions to check the WordPress error log. Not sure how to do that … I see no file on my server that seems to be a log or txt file.

I am also unable to get to my wp-admin page … so, I’m stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.